HATCH is a Montana-based organization whose goal is to curate 150 guests to impact the lives of over 100 million people. The non-profit creates experiences, fosters mentoring situations, and hosts labs to build a network of people worldwide who can create better and do more in their world. That’s where Steelcase comes in. As a platinum sponsor, Steelcase has come alongside HATCH to provide expertise and resources to make all of this happen.

Steelcase is the champion of creativity in the workplace. They believe creativity is best blossomed in the right environment. By providing a new brand of innovation in designing environments, Steelcase’s research, insights, and trends are making a difference. The Steelcase sponsorship and work with the HATCH experience allows the non-profit organization to identify and make an impact on NextGen change-makers around the world.

Barrows is the exclusive home for Steelcase in this part of Virginia and the way we engage with our clients greatly enhances how they are able to work, learn, and heal. Supporting Steelcase and the HATCH initiative are just some of the ways Barrows is working to build a better word.

To learn more about HATCH visit their website https://hatchexperience.org .

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